About Annette Rodriguez

Annette has worked at 516 Lexingtone Ave. since she was 16 years old (that is 40+ years), starting as an office assistant for Dr. Stocker’s father’s orthopaedic practice. To say Annette is the practice manager is an understatement. She is far more like the captain of a ship (but with a smooth, beautiful, un-weathered complexion):

“A captain must have wide ranging expertise. A captain’s responsibilities include navigation (ensure every day sails by as smoothly as possible), maintenance of the ship’s equipment (she can fix anything), bookkeeping, and the monitoring of duties performed by all crew members. Other important duties include keeping regular logs throughout the journey (patient records), and supervising passengers and crew members as they safely embark and disembark the ship.”

Pretty much the only thing our captain does not do is officiate marriages (or wear an eye patch).