About Lisa

Grace and loveliness personified, with seriously mad esthetician skills.

“I have come to realize, most people are just a DiamondGlow away from a really great mood.”

For nine years at Skin by Design, Lisa has been extracting, dermaplaning, peeling, tinting, waxing, zapping and vaporizing many South Texans.

With a steady hand, intense focus and patience, Lisa is meticulous in treating skin imperfections with whatever instrument, hand-piece, device or advice is necessary to get the job done. (By the way, patients come from miles around for her “brow” prowess. As a matter of fact, Anastasia of Beverly Hills oftentimes is referred to as the Lisa Marie of San Antonio.)

Lisa married her high school sweetheart – who is a local house painter if you ever need one. They have one beautiful and bright daughter in college, two dogs, and a goldfish named Bruce.