Dermal Fillers

Facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers and Botox is one of our specialties. As top injectors for Allergan (makers of Botox and Juvederm family of fillers), we have the technical expertise and artistic sensibility required for consistently successful outcomes.

Dr. Stocker has been injecting fillers since 1999, and our nurse practitioner, Tamara Wong, is a national trainer and staff injector for Allergan and a former national trainer for Suneva.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels of varying densities. They are used for facial sculpting to add or replace volume, lift sagging skin, smooth lines, and define and refine facial features. Dermal fillers also stimulate collagen production. Collagen stimulation not only helps restore the youthful appearance to an aging face, but also, it helps fill depressed areas such as scars.

Dermal fillers offer the means to quickly, predictably and effectively rejuvenate an aging face by replacing lost volume. For example, dermal fillers can fill flattened cheeks and temples, redefine jawlines, correct receding chins, fill in lip lines and under eye hollows. Fillers also can create scaffolding for skin support.

Dermal fillers are used to improve facial balance and proportion. They enable us to non-surgically modify facial features, such as augmenting lips and chins, refining noses and reshaping jawlines.

In experienced hands, dermal fillers are magic. Results are natural.

Fillers are undetectable. Existing beauty is maximized. 

Dermal filler - BEFORE and AFTER


What fillers can do:

Fill and sculpt cheeks  – Filling cheeks is among the most satisfying treatments for many patients. Few treatments can turn the clock back as quickly and as filling cheeks and restoring lost bone mass in cheekbones. It instantly improves face shape and restores facial youthfulness. Filling cheeks lifts the mid-face, reducing the depth of nasal labial folds and softening under eye hollows.

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Fillers with high viscosity (aka dense) such as Voluma, tend to be preferred fillers for cheeks. Sculptra is used for cheeks. Smile lines along the lower cheek areas are beautifully softened with products like Vollure, and Sculptra.

Fill hollow temples and lift drooping brows – Temples are one of the first facial areas to lose its fat pad. Filling temples restores support and lift, softens crow’s feet, and improves face shape. A little filler just below the outer brows can improve eyelid creases and shape. Voluma, Sculptra are generally the preferred fillers/volumizers for temples. A touch of Juvederm or Voluma can easily lift drooping brows.

Fill under eye hollows – Nothing screams “exhausted looking” like under eye hollows and dark circles.  Filling these hollows helps camouflage under eye bags and dark circles resulting from volume loss and thinned skin. Restylane and Volbella are our preferred fillers for this area.

Sculpt jawline and improve chin – When filler is added along the jawline, definition and angles are improved (think chiseled), the appearance of jowls and marionettes are improved, chin shadows are erased and facial shape is improved. Augmenting a chin can instantly restore and create facial balance. Voluma and Volux are used for chin and jawline enhancement.

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Fill lips, lip lines, accentuate philtral columns, sharpen cupid’s bow – As we age, our lips become deflated, lined and loses its definition. Further, philtral columns become flattened and the cupid’s bow straightened. Fillers replace lost volume, reshape lips, restore definition (vermillion border), restore flattened philtral columns and  cupids bows, lift corns of mouth and help create better facial proportions. Likewise, disproportionate lips disrupt facial balance.

Improve neck lines and skin crepiness 

Improve chest wrinkles, elbows, knees

Fill aging hands – Hands can give away your age as quickly as your neck can. Skin thins and becomes more transparent as we age. Fillers hide visible veins and improve skin texture on hands.

Fill scars

In the right hands, fillers can be life-changing.


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