Laser Hair Removal

Fact: Body hair will not keep you warm.


  1. No more hair in places you don’t want hair.
  2. No more shaving.
  3. No more depilatory creams.
  4. No more waxing.
  5. No more threading, sugaring, tweezing, epilating, etc.
  6. Light-speed treatment in comparison to electrolysis.
  7. No more ingrown hairs.
  8. Helps with acne.
  9. No more chin whiskers.
  10. Perpetually well-groomed is a reality.
  11. Saves so much time and money.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for LHR. Only darker pigmented follicles can be treated – from deep blonde to dark black follicles. Red, light blonde, white, grey, or any vellus hair (peach fuzz) will not be affected by any laser hair removal devices.

Each session will destroy the hair follicles in that particular cycle. Because there are multiple growth cycles, multiple treatments are required. Hormones and ethnicity also are factors in the number of growth cycles.

Further, not all devices are created equal. Simply, some devices or technologies will not be as effective, and you may require more sessions as a result. Skin type is a critical consideration. Lighter is better; so, no tanning (even self-tanning) before treatments. Skin type also affects the settings and types of lasers that can be used without triggering pigment issues or causing damage.

General Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

  1. No tanning (self-tanning included) before treatments.
  2. No waxing. No use of depilatory creams. No tweezing.
  3. To be most effective, the laser must be able to detect melanin of the follicles as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
  4. Do not bleach hair before treatments.
  5. Do not use retinoids for 72 hours before treatment.
  6. Advise aesthetician/doctor on any medications you are taking which may increase sensitivity to light (isotretinoin and doxycycline are two examples).
  7. Shave and clean areas to be treated before coming in for laser treatments.