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Rx for Jowls

Jowls of all different degrees happen as we age, regardless of the efforts we make to halt the process. Besides time and aging, genetics and body shape are factors we can’t control. Other factors to blame for this sagging at the jawline include a long history of fluctuating weight, a few bad habits and the loss of elasticity.

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PRX-T33 Intense Skin Revival

PRX-T33 is a revolutionary treatment for intense skin revival. Each treatment visibly and tactilely lifts, tightens, clears, smooths and brightens skin, painlessly and without downtime.

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The Basics of Skin Rejuvenation

The subject of skin rejuvenation can be overwhelming. Breaking it down to the most common treatment categories hopefully provides a general understanding of the process. Of course, scheduling a consultation gives you a personal plan of action. These considerations should

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