Dermal Fillers

A successful outcome with dermal fillers is when a patient’s existing beauty is maximized in a natural looking, balanced, and undetectable way. The goal is to create as close to an ideally proportioned and balanced face as possible; this is the universal paragon of facial attractiveness and beauty. Dermal fillers offer a safe, quick way to get there by enabling us to replace the volume loss of an aging face (usually getting our attention in our 30’s, with deepening facial folds and shadowing under eyes), and to non-surgically modify features, such as a receding chin or an uneven nose.

Dermal filler - BEFORE and AFTER

What fillers can do:

  • Fill and sculpt cheeks – reduces the depth of nasal labial folds, marionette lines and improves jowls
  • Fill hollow temples and lift drooping brows – restores support and lift, improves eyelid crease and shape, softens crows feet, improves face shape
  • Fill undereye hollows – helps camouflage undereye bags and dark circles
  • Sculpt jawline and improve chin – improves jawline definition and angles/curve, alleviates the appearance of jowls and marionettes, disguises chin shadows, improves/changes facial shape
  • Improve nose shape and replace loss of bone and cartilage – hides shadows around nose, reshapes nose, repositions nasal tip
  • Fill lips and philtral columns – replace lost volume, reshape lips, restore definition, restore flattened philtral columns and straightened cupids bow, lift corns of mouth
  • Improve neck lines and crepiness
  • Improve chest wrinkles, elbows, knees
  • Fill “old lady” hands
  • Fill scars

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Popular terms coined for rejuvenation treatments with dermal fillers:

“Liquid Facelift,” “Non-Surgical Facelift,” “Facial Contouring,” “Facial Restoration,” “V-Lift,” “Y-Lift,” “8 Point Lift,” and others.