February Specials – Lots of LOVE for you this month



$75 OFF All Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers smooth, lift, improve signs of aging such as volume loss that create shadowing, sagging and folds (under eye hollows, drooping lids, temple hollows, nasal labial folds, marionettes, jowls, etc.). Fillers also can create natural highlighting and contouring effects and can change facial features (non-surgical rhinoplasty, jawline enhancement, chin augmentation, etc.).


Series of 3 images, stomach, cheek and arm, before and after truSculpt 3D treatment

50% OFF Second Area

+ 12 weeks of Lipo-Den Extreme Injections for FREE

Whether you want fat reduction in an area (examples: bat wings, love handles, saddlebags, inner thighs, abs, double chin, etc.) or visual enhancement of musculature in an area you’ve worked hard to achieve, truSculpt 3D will help get you there.



Set of 4 photos, each showing before and after excel V treatments

20% OFF each treatment

“Think red, purple, blue and brown from head to toe – GONE.”



Set of 4 before and after photos featuring laser genesis treatment

Laser Genesis Packages: 4 for $800 or 6 for $1200

(save $100 per treatment)

Treats large pores, fine lines, texture, acne and redness.



Nutrafol Hair Supplements,  Heliocare, Be Thin Lipotropics Spray, Druckerlabs IntraMAX,

Lipo-Den Extreme Injections





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