Body Contouring / Fat Reduction

Body contouring / fat reduction procedures are most satisfying when used to treat areas resistant to diet and exercise.

These are the areas remaining out of proportion to our general body shape regardless of our weight or efforts to reduce them. These areas include double chins, saddlebags, bra fat, upper arms (bat wings), love handles, resistant pockets of belly fat and knees.

Body contouring treatments also can enhance the appearance of our muscles; for example, reducing even a slight layer of fat on our upper arms, adds definition or better highlights the muscles under the skin. To self-determined body perfectionists, only the slightest improvement may be possible for those yogi-status, Chaturanga Dandasana toned arms, but slight may be worth it to you.

truSculpt 3D & KYBELLA

truSculpt® 3D and KYBELLA® are the options we offer for body contouring/ fat reduction. Both permanently destroy targeted fat cells; however, neither will prevent weight gain, including expansion of remaining fat cells in the treated area. While expansion of remaining fat cells is possible, expansion will not be to the extent of the areas pre-treatment. Obviously, adopting or maintaining good habits of diet and exercise will prevent fat accumulation in non-treated areas and expansion of remaining fat cells in treated areas.