Scars & Stretch Marks


It has been said, every scar tells a story. While this may be true, many scars have stories patients would rather forget, such as visible facial scars from acne, and other scars that alter appearance, including stretch marks.

For many, the psychosocial impact of acne scars may be significant, impairing self-esteem and quality of life. To this group, the first and most accessible step is to know your many treatment options (by the way, we offer complimentary consultations).

Types of scars: Ice Pick, Box, Rolling Scar

Treatment Options

Treating scars is a process, generally involving multiple treatments, treatment combinations, and products. There are different scar types and protocols to treat each type. Treatment options may include SkinPen, Chemical Peels, TCA Cross, Dermal Fillers, Pixel Laser Resurfacing, Subscision, SilkPeel (microdermabrasion), Dermaplaning, AFT, ClearLift, Laser Genesis.

Product Requirements

Product requirements may include Prescription Medications (topical and oral); Medical Grade Products, such as retinoids* (AlphaRet from Skinbetter Science); growth factor serums (Regenica Dual Serum);pigment suppressants (Visao MD Spotless, SkinMedica Lytera); barrier protectants, such as Epionce Medical Barrier Cream, Avene Cicalfate); sunscreen (Epionce, Elta MD, Neova DNA Repair).

Stretch Marks (striae)

It is believed that stretch marks may be caused by the overstretching of skin to the point collagen and elastin fibers rupture and create these linear scars. Genetics, hormones, quality of skin also influence the possibility of developing stretch marks. Further, stretch marks can develop anywhere on the body. Growth spurts, rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, certain  medical conditions, poor diet, rapid muscle development and steroid or corticosteroid use heighten the chances.

All scars are difficult to treat; however, treating stretch marks tends to be more difficult than facial scars. Location, depth, extent and compromised skin quality are the main obstacles.

Treatment Options

Treatment options may include SkinPen, Chemical PeelsPixel Laser ResurfacingSilkPeel (microdermabrasion), AFT, ClearLift, Laser Genesis.

Product Requirements

Products requirements may include Prescription Medications (topical) and Medical Grade Products (such as retinoids*, growth factor serums, pigment suppressants, barrier protectants, sunscreen).

Before and Before and after results of using SkinPen on arm stretchmarks results of using Skinpen on arm stretchmarks

Before and after results of using SkinPen on arm stretchmarks

*RETINOIDS are one of the most prescribed topical treatments for acne, anti-aging, scars, and stretch marks. Retinoids improve cellular function of aged and damaged skin. They induce collagen production, thicken the dermis, and encourage rapid cell turnover. Cell turnover is the separating of dead skin cells from healthy ones, which in turn, improves texture, reduces dark spots, clogged pores, and clears the way for deeper penetration and increased efficacy of other products. Retinoids not only induce collagen production, but also, they decrease collagen breakdown.

There are numerous clinical studies on the the subject of retinoids. Basically, most all studies conclude, retinoids are are as close to a magical anti-aging, anti-aging, skin smoothing, glow inducing product as any can be.