DiamondGlow remains our most requested aesthetician performed treatment, offering immediate and visible skin improvement from head to toe. This simultaneous 3-in-1 treatment visibly and measurably addresses a multitude of skin issues, from acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydrated and vitamin deficient skin, to stretch marks, calloused feet, and issues with ingrown hairs.
DiamondGlow is 3-in-1 fully customizable treatment involving the following simultaneous therapies:
  • Diamond-brasion – micro-dermabrasion using diamond-tips of varying coarseness for controlled and even exfoliation of desired layers of dead skin.
  • Vacuum – controlled suctioning that removes all loosened debris, such as dead skin cells and product build-up. This vacuum also extracts and decongests pores of sebum, dirt, oil, keratin and all other clogging materials.
  • Deep infusion, much like a mild pressure wash, with condition specific serums from SkinMedica.

SilkPeel 4 pics before after

DiamondGlow is quite possibly the ultimate “facial” for the whole body.

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