Excel V

excel V™ (Cutera) may be considered a dermatologist’s workhorse. This laser device safely and effectively treats a wide range of vascular and pigment issues on all skin tones.

Set of 4 photos, each showing before and after excel V treatments
Excel V before and after photos

Many skin conditions manifest in the form of broken capillaries and compromised vessels such as rosacea and facial flushing. High powered green laser energy is absorbed by these damaged vessels and capillaries causing them to collapse, seal shut, and erasing them from visibility. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.

Laser energy from excel V also effectively targets and destroys benign pigmented lesions such as brown spots, sun damage, age spots. These pigmented lesions first darken, then flake off usually within 7-10 days. Again, several treatments may be necessary for desired results.

excel V™ basically works like an eraser for a multitude of skin issues, and can safely be used on any skin tone.

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