Botox Cosmetic (Allergan)

The most common use of BOTOX Cosmetic is to soften or eliminate etched lines, or creases  caused by repeated muscle movement. Forehead lines, lines between the brows (glabella), crow’s feet,  “bunny” lines on the upper nose bridge, tiny lines etched around lips (smoker’s lines – and you don’t have to actually be a smoker to have them) are facial areas most visibly affected by repeated muscle movement.

Ideally, Botox is used as a preventative measure, that is, used BEFORE lines become visibly prominent. Without a neurotoxin, such as Botox (Dysport, Xeomin), creases caused by repeated muscle movement become deeper and permanent.

Besides eliminating etched lines and creases, Botox can be used to lift brows and the nose tip, erase neck lines and flatten platysmal bands to make the neck look smoother and more youthful, narrow the jawline, and even calm excessive sweating from underarms and on palms.