Bespoke treatments are the only way to address individual skin concerns and issues. Innovative combinations of modalities (lasers, treatments, procedures, products) to quickly and effectively treat skin “predicaments” are a win-win for everyone.

The Hybrid

For example, redefining the facial and becoming one of our most requested treatments is The Hybrid. In about two hours and using three different devices, virtually every layer of skin is treated.

This super combo treatment solves many skin predicaments. It is the go-to for the dull, the lifeless and the dehydrated – you know, when it seems there is no amount of cream, oil or salve on the planet that can relieve your parched and painfully taut complexion (btw seasons are mostly irrelevant when it comes to seriously dry skin – more on that another time).

The Hybrid also is the go-to for the emergency “I really need to have that beatific glow for a very important event this weekend” situation. This combo not only provides luminosity STAT,  but also provides long term benefits. Other modalities also can be added toThe Hybrid depending on the patient’s needs and parameters.

SilkPeel MD Dermalinfusion & Acne Blu-U

Further examples of tried + true bespoke treatments: SilkPeel MD Dermalinfusion (acne version) and Acne Blu-U to treat… Acne (aka one of the most common, depressing and complicated skin issues ever). All of the following categories can be checked off with this power combo: dead skin cells and product build-up removed, clogged pores professionally extracted and deeply cleansed, skin decongested and detoxed, facial lymphatic system drained of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms (toxins), targeted anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory serums infused, P-acnes bacteria on skin’s surface destroyed, healing cascade stimulated. This super combo is like taking a giant leap in the right direction for those who suffer with acne issues.

Now, remove Acne Blu-U and add dermaplaning and Celluma LED… Et voila! the perfect treatment for seriously smooth, super nourished, super refreshed and 1000 watt glowing skin. Do this one regularly with the occasional deviation of a chemical peel, Laser Genesis or microneedling session and the only predicament you now may have is how to deter the overwhelming barrage of compliments (yeah, right – who wouldn’t just love all this gushing over their skin?!).

Kybella & Sculptra

Enough about your beautiful skin. Onward to another example: the results of Kybella and Sculptra can be accelerated and enhanced with certain Nd:YAG lasers. And the list goes on for bespoke treatments that answer the burning question,“How can you make what I really want happen and happen quickly?”

The first step always is to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will custom design and tailor a treatment plan just for you and your skin concerns. You’ll love wearing the skin you’re in.