Inflammaging is a process by which chronic inflammation accelerates skin aging and age-associated skin conditions. Inflammaging is inflammatory aging. Skin looks older than it should look – wrinkled, dry, pigmented, dull and reactive.

With inflammaging, your skin cells basically become exhausted. Having to constantly deal with stress, bad diets, bad habits, pollution, unprotected UV exposure, takes its toll on your cells. Your cells lose their drive and focus. They are overworked and unsupported. Cells can’t repair, renew, replenish anymore. Cell turnover and collagen and elastin production slow to a near stop – a tragic situation for skin structure and resilience.

In healthy, youthful skin, smooth and steady cell turnover allows for dead cells to be replaced with new, healthy cells. Collagen production is energized, keeping skin firm and strong. Elastin production is regularly triggered, giving skin resilience and maintaining its ability to stretch and snap back into its original place. When this trifecta is running smoothly, skin is smooth, bouncy, clear and vibrant. 

It is important to mention acute, sporadic inflammation keeps skin cells on its toes. Acute, sporadic inflammation actually is necessary for healthy skin function. Lasers, peels, microneedling are excellent ways to intentionally cause acute inflammation. Our body’s immune response will not only race to heal and protect treated areas, but also it will aid cell turnover, induce collagen production and help create new elastin.

How do you know if inflammaging is happening to you?

If your skin looks older than others your age, inflammaging is happening. If you tan, smoke, eat a lot of dough, dairy, sweets and processed foods, inflammaging is happening. If you have any chronic skin disorder, general sensitivity, diffuse redness, acne, rosacea, pigment issues, inflammaging is happening. If you are regularly stressed or fatigued – you guessed it – inflammaging is happening.

Who can benefit from a few changes to their diet, lifestyle and skin care routine?

Preventing and reversing inflammaging is possible because our skin and bodies are AMAZING! Our skin and bodies want to help. They constantly are fighting for our lives. Sometimes, they just need a little show of appreciation and effort on our part to carry on.

Processed foods, sugar and carbs fuel inflammation and aging.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Endorphins reduce inflammation. Movement produces endorphins.

Move your body. Exercise.

Oxidative stress and inflammaging are a villainous couple, speeding aging and, ready for this one, reducing lifespan.

Oxidative stress is born of pollution, excessive sugar, fat, alcohol consumption, preservatives, unprotected sun exposure, cigarettes, vaping, etc.

Antioxidants are like superheroes who fight against oxidative stress. Eat them. Wear them like armour.  The most potent topical antioxidants are medical grade.  

Our faves: SKINBETTER Alto and Alto Advanced, EPIONCE Intense Defense Serum, VIVIER CE Peptides and Kine C

Beauty Sleep is a real deal. Skin (clean only) heals and repairs with a good night’s rest.  Skin, body and mind age faster without it. 

Think about how you look and feel after a few sleepless nights. Skin looks dull, eyes look dark and sunken or swollen, fine lines and wrinkles are pronounced, any twinkle, glow, joie de vivre seems to slowly slip away.

Skin care is very important. What we do for our skin on a daily basis is far more important than any treatment or procedure. Also, if you want to maintain and extend results of any treatment or procedure, your daily skin care matters.

We’ve narrowed the massive menu of options to these few potent, effective, tried and true ones. Ones that target inflammation, feed your skin properly and completely, protect and repair skin barrier function, deeply hydrate and moisturize, visibly clear, smooth and control, truly therapeutic and scientifically supported:  Epionce, Skinbetter, Vivier, ISDIN, Skin by Design Private Label.

You’re welcome.