Jawline and chin sculpting with dermal fillers can reframe and change face shape instantly and  beautifully. When well done, the jawline looks naturally defined, not cartoon-ish or hyper-sculpted, but with crisper definition and improved facial shape. Jawline and chin sculpting with dermal fillers also can reduce the appearance of jowls, remodel facial proportions, and even create a slimmer face. Yep. Adding volume can create a slimmer face, more oval face, just as it can create a wider, chiseled face shape.

General aesthetic goals of jawline and chin sculpting start with assessing both full frontal and profile views to get it just right. Basically, the chin should be in line with the nose bridge, and the chin and jawline should blend into a smooth line.

Enhancing a weak chin, correcting an asymmetric chin, changing chin shape, length and projection with dermal fillers are simple fixes for an injector with the technical skills and a cultivated artistic sensibility. In the words often muttered by a former art professor as he walked around the classroom checking our progress, “Balance and proportion. Balance and proportion. Not everyone can see what needs to be done.”

Another consideration is any degree of  jowl formation. As we age, fat accumulates along the jawline and jowls form. Jowls fall below the jawline, creating a visual disconnect between the chin and jawline. Using dermal fillers in the appropriate areas (in front of and behind the jowls) can reduce the appearance of jowls, improve the angle of the jawline and create a smooth line between the chin and jawline. Read about Rx for Jowls here.

Next, fat pads under the chin and along the jawline obscure and conceal jawline structure. Eliminating these pockets of fat with Kybella, truSculpt or liposuction not only unveils what lies beneath, but also, helps create a clearer distinction between the jawline and neck. Enter fillers to further enhance this distinction between the two.

Remodeling the jawline and strategic chin lengthening and reshaping with fillers can slenderize a round, square or full face. Add Botox for masseter reduction and the results can be remarkable. Read more about Botox magic here.

While women usually prefer a soft, oval face shape, men usually prefer a chiseled jawline, strong angles and a broad chin. Male jawline enhancement with dermal fillers has become a very popular request these days. No surprise. Cosmetic treatments for men have become mainstream, and strong jawlines historically are associated with athleticism and male attractiveness.

As you can see, there are many considerations to be made for successful outcomes with jawline and chin sculpting with fillers. If you’d like improved facial balance and contours, a sharper distinction between face and neck, a slimmer face, a crisper, chiseled jawline, a stronger chin, then, jawline and chin sculpting is for you.

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