Men seeking cosmetic dermatology treatments continues to rise. Men are embracing the many ways non-surgical cosmetic procedures (NSCP) can help them look better and feel better. Let’s face it – the possibility of a sharp, chiseled jawline, and better skin has serious appeal and can be life-changing.

But first…

For many reasons, gender specific and physiological differences must be considered when NSCPs are performed (including how not to feminize a masculine face – unless, of course, that is the goal). For example, in comparison to women, men have flatter and more angular cheeks, larger foreheads, stronger facial muscles and movement, thicker skin, flatter, lower brows, stronger, more angular jawlines, thicker chins, greater vascularity and so on.

Following are the most requested treatments for men:

1. BOTOX – Botox goals for men are to relax deep lines between the brows and on the forehead, and to soften crow’s feet. Softening, not eliminating, lines will keep a face masculine, while helping it look fresher, younger, less weathered.

Botox also can be used for gummy smiles and excessive sweating.

Hey Guys –

PSA: We’ve seen a few of you out there, and in hopes of preventing you from repeating this mistake, we must tell you a completely smooth forehead and lifted brows should be reserved for women only.

You’re welcome.

2. JAWLINE CONTOURING – If you want a chiseled jawline and a strong chin, you’ve come to the right place. In less than an hour and with a few syringes of dermal filler (our choice is VOLUMA), you can have the jawline of a superhero, or at least, a hugely improved profile.

What if you have a nice jawline, but it has melted into your double chin? Easy to treat if you don’t mind a little heat, a few needles, and you can be patient for a few weeks.

KYBELLA and TRUSCULPT 3D are the fat destroyers that can reveal your obscured jawline.

When KYBELLA is injected into the fatty pocket under the chin, it dissolves the outer membrane of the fat cells. The fat leaks out of these cells and is flushed out of the body through natural processes. The best part: these fat cells are gone forever!

Hello Jawline! You make me feel and look so strong!

Want to further reduce and tighten under the chin? TRUSCULPT 3D will reduce that area by 25% – 35% depending on how much heat you can take. truSculpt 3D is an RF energy, heat driven device. At 41º C (105.8º F), fat cells are permanently destroyed – most patients can tolerate up to about 45º C (113.0º F). Another win – RF energy tightens skin.

By the way guys, truSculpt 3D works wonders on those love handles and can even help unmask that hidden 6-pack you’ve been working on.

3. LASER HAIR REMOVAL – Never underestimate the degree of happiness that can be reached when it comes to a perpetually well groomed body, no ingrown hairs and a closer to garden variety hairy back than an impenetrable jungle of one.

4. DIAMONDGLOW – Our most requested “spa-ish” treatment. Deep clean, decongest, clear and feed your skin with a DiamondGlow. Microdermabrasion with diamond tips of varying coarseness, medical grade serum infusion and a vacuum that suctions away dead skin, product build-up and unclogs pores. Serious treatment with serious results and no downtime.

5. ACNE + ACNE SCAR TREATMENTS – because 80% of the earth’s population suffers from some stage of acne, and many continue to suffer with post acne scars.

Getting acne under control can happen (products, topical and oral medications, SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, chemical peels, Laser Genesis).

Treating each scar type is necessary for successful results (ice pick, boxcar, rolling, hypertrophic).

Combination therapies highly likely required (products, subcision, lasers, SkinPen microneedling, Secret RF, chemical peels, TCA CROSS, dermal fillers such as Bellafill, excision).

6. ERASE BROWN SPOTS + ZAP AWAY VISIBLE BLOOD VESSELS – Age spots, sun spots, lentigines, whatever you want to call them, make you look older. Broken blood vessels and capillaries (telangiectasia) do too. ExcelV and IPL generally are the go-to laser erasers for these issues. For spots and capillaries that don’t respond to the lasers, a hyfrecater can zap them away, or liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze them off.

Let’s face it, there is truth (and a lot of power) in the saying, “When you look good, you feel good.”