Jowls are like love handles, but on the face. Jowls of all different degrees happen as we age, regardless of the efforts we make to halt the process. Factors we can’t control are time, genetics and body shape. Other factors to blame for jawline sags and bags include a long history of fluctuating weight, a few bad habits and the loss of elasticity.






Let’s first talk about elasticity.

Elasticity is what gives skin its spring and snap. We stop naturally making elastin rather early in life – around puberty. One of the most important jobs we have, in regards to our skin, is to protect our elastin supply and restimulate its production however we can.

In the words of a wise man named Ben, “An ounce of prevention will save you a king’s ransom later at the dermatologist’s office” – or something along those lines.

To protect our elastin supply, the usual suspects apply: SUNSCREEN, no smoking, balanced diets, consistent and healthy weight, regular exercise to keep oxygen flowing and feeding cells and antioxidants. Do not underestimate the importance of antioxidants for a healthy, youthful, anti-jowl visage.

Antioxidants prevent cell corrosion. Basically, they are like anti-rust agents for cells. Our cells are under constant attack by free radical build-up from sun exposure, pollution, preservatives, bad habits, bad diets, high blood sugar, lack of exercise and low blood oxygen, etc.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, protecting cells from stress, deterioration and disease.

Topical antioxidants must have a delivery system set in hyper-drive to be truly effective. Our faves include Skinbetter ALTO, Epionce Intense Defense Serum, and Vivier CE Peptides. Because a physician code is required to order any of these super potent antioxidants, ours is provided in the portals here to order online.


To restimulate elastin production, the most important product is an effective retinoid or azelaic acid. Choose medical grade or prescription versions instead of grasping and hoping the OTC versions are potent and consistent enough to make a difference. The ones we have put to the test and love: Skinbetter Science AlphaRet and Intensive AlphaRet. For those who cannot use retinoids or retinols, Epionce Lytics offer tolerability, results and high patient satisfaction.

By the way, there also are numerous studies showing that regular consumption of some collagen supplements can significantly improve skin elasticity.

Treatments that rev up elastin production include Secret RF, a series of PRX-T33, SkinPen (add TCA or PRX for enhanced tissue tightening), and lasers, such as Pixel Resurfacing. Laser Genesis, Excel V, ClearLift, chemical peels and DiamondGlow treatments also help, but not to the degree of the former list.


Onward now to treatments that help tighten and reduce jowls.

  1. truSculpt 3D – Reduce jowls and tighten skin with a smooth transition between untreated neighboring facial features and jawline.
  2. Kybella – Inject jowl flaps of all sizes with Kybella to trim and even permanently eliminate them. A jowl-less and chiseled jawline is the goal.
  3. Botox Neck Lift – aka. Nefertiti Neck lIft. Botox is injected along neck bands (platysmal bands) and along the jawline. Relaxing the platysmal bands smooths the neck. Relaxing muscles under the jawline causes an upward pull of facial muscles, lifting the sag of jowls and even lifting downward turned mouth corners
  4.  Dermal Fillers – Skillful, artful injections of dermal fillers to enhance the chin and fill deficits along the jawline reduce the appearance of jowls and create a stronger, crisper jawline. #chiseled
  5. Secret RF – The dynamic duo of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) come together with Secret RF. The microneedles work as conduits for the RF heat. Heating up those deep skin layers revs up everything needed to tighten and shrink skin – like throwing a wet wool sweater in the dryer, on high heat. We have control of the depth of needles and the RF energy emitted. You have control of the nitrous oxide if you need it.
  6. Liposuction and a Surgical Neck Lift – something we don’t do here, but there are talented plastic surgeons out there. Recommended for those with excess skin issues.