Both truSculpt 3D and Coolsculpting permanently destroy fat cells (apoptosis); however, there are major differences between the two. These major differences include chances and types of side effects, limitations of areas that can be treated, and the advantages of the effects on skin of radiofrequency versus cryotherapy. (Obviously, these differences made all the difference when we were deciding which body sculpting/ fat reducing device to add to our menu of services.)

Now, you may be asking yourself if we tested both. Well, of course we did! Seriously, who wouldn’t leap at any chance to reduce an area of body fat?!

truSculpt 3DCoolsculpting
Uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to uniformly heat targeted fat cells to cause apoptosis, reducing fat pads by 24% – 35% with each treatmentUses cryotherapy to freeze fat cells (cryolipolysis) and cause apoptosis, reducing fat pads by 24% on average with each session 
Newer technology – 2017Release date – 2010
FDA approved to treat all body
areas. Target areas are not
confined to how much of the fat
pad can fit into
container-like receptacles
Can only be used on areas that can be pinched and suctioned into
container-like receptacles.
Choice of hand pieces that glide across target areas allowing for smooth transitions between treated and untreated areasHigh incidence of “missed” areas because of the use of receptacles and the unavoidable spaces/gaps between treated and untreated areas
RF energy tightens and smooths skin.
This difference important when considering fat reduction. Fat takes up space. When fat is removed from an area where skin has been basically “stretched” for a period of time, skin will be even more loose and crepey than when it was filled with fat cells.
CT does not tighten and smooth skin
Side effects: 
Redness, sweating, tenderness at treatment site, usually resolving a few hours after treatment
Side effects: 
Pain, itchiness, numbness, stinging, muscle spasms, swelling for up to a month, frostbite or freeze burns, subcutaneous induration (painful generalized hardness in the treated area), very rare but possible paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (fat cells enlarge instead of dying)

truSculpt 3D was the landslide winner in our office.

(I must confess, though, I thought Coolsculpting would win over truSculpt 3D since Coolsculpting seems to be everywhere. However, as time and experience tries to teach us, popularity does not mean superiority, and smart marketing supported with an enormous budget can help most anything rise to the top.)


  • No one experienced any side effects with truSculpt 3D with the exception of sweating. All of us experienced varying lengths of time and degrees of pain, itchiness, muscle spasms and swelling with Coolsculpting.
  • The smooth transition between treated and untreated areas with truSculpt 3D was obvious in comparison to Coolsculpting. As a matter of fact, one person in our office suffered the rare but possible side effect with Coolsculpting – paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – and to this day, has what looks like a stick of butter trapped below her belly button.
  • We all experienced superior visible and measurable fat reduction and skin tightening of treated areas with truSculpt 3D.

truSculpt 3D not only eliminates fat, but also, it smooths and tightens loose skin without lingering side effects.

Skin Tightening and Smoothing
Uniform Fat Reduction with Smooth Transition from Treated to Untreated Areas
Ultrasound Visual of Reduced Fat Pad Post-Treatment
(35% Reduction after 12 weeks)
Upper Arms / Batwings

truSculpt 3D is not a replacement for diet and exercise. Ideal candidate have areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise (ie. inner thighs), areas that remain disproportionate regardless of weight (ie. saddlebags), or isolated pockets of fat (ie. bat wings, abs, bra fat, pit pooch, love handles, etc).

truSculpt 3D also is a great treatment to show off your hard work at the gym. For instance, even a small reduction in fat layers of upper arms or abs will unmask and highlight the musculature.

In the twelve weeks following a truSculpt 3D treatment, you can expect reduced body circumference, especially when treating flanks and abs, a reduction in fat anywhere treated (including small pockets of fat such as inner thighs and pit pooches), tighter, smoother and firmer skin, improvement in the appearance of cellulite, and smoother body contours. All of this without any downtime.

So, here’s to truSculpt 3D for the WIN!