Jowlbella – Kybella used “off-label” to shrink jowls and sharpen the jawline. 

(One of the only good things about these mask-wearing days may be that the mask can hide post-Kybella swelling or bruising.)

Why we love Kybella:

  • Kybella is a cosmetic injectable used to destroy fat cells wherever it is injected.
  • Kybella destroys the outer membrane of fat cells. The dissolved fat then works its way through the lymphatic system and ultimately is excreted as waste. 
  • There is downtime with the initial swelling of Kybella treatments. For some, swelling is significant and can last for a few weeks. (Btw – the more the swelling, the better the results.)
  • Results are permanent. 
  • Transition to injected and non-injected areas is smooth. 
  • There is a retraction or tightening effect to injected areas.
  • Kybella has a very high satisfaction rating among patients.
  • The best results occur in patients who have overall good to excellent skin quality.
  • Because young people have great skin elasticity, skin bounces back much like shrink wrap after treatment. Results are STELLAR with our young patients.
  • Kybella can be used to shrink any small pocket of fat, most notably, a submental fat pad or double chin.

Kybella is popularly used “off-label” for other areas:

JOWLS, aka Jowlbella – reduce the sagging and make significant improvements to the profile, jawline and confidence with a little Kybella. 

Kybella for THE PIT POOCH can reduce or eliminate the bubbles of fat protruding between your armpit and your bra. The pit pooch is common with aging, weight gain and the genetically predisposed. We have had excellent results with Kybella in this area. Patients are delighted to be able to sport tank tops and strapless dresses again. 

BRA BULGE, aka. Brabella – Kybella used to shrink small protrusions of fat bubbling over and under back bra straps. Follow Kybella with a truSculpt 3D and exercises targeting back muscles for a beautifully sculpted back.

BULGING KNEES – For good candidates, Kybella can be used to shrink fat pads in the upper and inner knees. Reducing these small pockets of fat reshape the appearance of legs and make wearing over the knee skirts and shorts again a joyful possibility for many. Follow Kybella with Secret RF and a TCA peel for additional skin smoothing and tightening.

BELLY BULGES – For small pockets of fat on upper abs, lower abs, around the belly button and even upper mons area, Kybella can make a big difference! If these areas are large, truSculpt 3D or a tummy tuck may be better options. Don’t worry; we’ll let you know what’s best.

For the mons area (protuberant mons pubis), many argue Kybella is far less traumatic for fat reduction in this area than other procedures.

BAT WINGS – You know the fat pad running along your lower arms that wave separately from your hand, and sometimes even wave on their own in the wind. These sagging little pockets can be reduced with Kybella. For those ideal candidates who have slight sagging with good musculature underneath, Kybella can sharpen the appearance of those masked yet super toned muscles. Follow Kybella with SkinPen + TCA or Secret RF for tighter, smoother skin. 

Ideal Candidates for Kybella

Ideal candidates for Kybella have good to excellent skin quality and tone with small fat pockets resistant to exercise or that are genetically predisposed. Kybella also is popular for small areas difficult to treat with other fat reduction methods.

Kybella is FDA approved for submental fat pads (aka. double chins). Treatment areas discussed in this post are considered “off-label.”

Experience required. There are risks if Kybella is not properly injected.