Basically, Kybella acts as a detergent to dissolve the membrane around fat cells, the contents of which are absorbed and eliminated by the body as waste (think of an exploding balloon filled with liquid fat, then washed away).

Before and after photos - Results from Kybella

Before and after photos – Results from Kybella

Kybella is a process. Several sessions may be required; however, the results are permanent.

For starters, there will be swelling, potentially lots of swelling, peaking on second day after treatment, subsiding from that point forward. For the first 24 hours, patients may feel uncomfortable swallowing, described as “much like trying to swallow with a very dry throat.”

Typically, there will be numbness, redness, and tenderness-to-the-touch at the injection site. There also may be bruising. Starting on the 3rd day, the injected fat pad may begin to feel (not look) hard and “lumpy.” These “lumps” or nodules will dissolve and be eliminated by the body as waste.

Months 1-3 post-treatment, patients will see a reduction in submental fullness, skin retraction, and improved definition in the jawline.

All of feedback we have received from our patients regarding Kybella has been positive. Patients tell us the end results outweigh any inconvenience of the treatments.

Oftentimes, ClearLift, truSculpt 3D and dermal fillers are recommended to tighten, sharpen and enhance the jawline.

Other areas can be treated with Kybella such as the “pit pooch.”

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