The normal daily stresses of life can cause sensitivity and reactivity in skin. Add a pandemic, a face mask and OCD hand-washing to our lives and WHOA! Stress levels are kicked into orbit, wreaking crazy havoc on our skin.

Stress revs up cortisol, increasing oil production, weakening our immune systems, and putting our hormones on a wild roller coaster ride. Breakouts, rosacea flares, inflamed, itchy skin and slow wound healing are an abbreviated list of skin issues that result from stress.

A few tips to help calm you and your skin:

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Step away from the mirror. Seriously, step away – for your skin’s sake and for health’s sake.

  • If you are a picker like many of us, BE WARNED: you spread acne causing bacteria on the surface and in the skin layers, and you increase your chances of scars. Also, YOU HAVE THE CONTROL ON THIS ONE – and doesn’t it feel kinda nice to be able to control something these days.

USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS. You may just need to add or subtract a few products. Call us to discuss which products are best to use for your issues – can pick-up curbside, order online for home delivery – we can instruct you how, or for OTC options.

  • For serious rosacea flares and issues of severe inflammation and unknown rashes, a phone or virtual appointment may be made with Dr. Stocker.

PROPERLY + REGULARLY WASH YOUR FACE MASK. Wash in the hot cycle or boil. Dry. Let sit for a week in its own ziplock or container. Check for wear by holding up to sunlight. Obviously, you need several masks to put into rotation.

  • Masks as fashion statement is interestingly a thing (I love the ones @pridarodriguez – they are big enough to cover what they need to cover, and yep, she is the brilliant talent behind the breathtaking fiesta gowns).

Rest. Drink lots of water; limit the quarantinis. Eat well. 

Get some fresh air. Breathe. Exercise. Stretch.

Limit screen-time. 

Plan a future vacation. Play. Create. 

Write a letter. 

Call a friend.

Write us a letter (or give us a review – reward to follow). 

Call us at the office – (210) 224-1034 for skin care guidance, quarantine ideas, to just check-in and chat.

We are in this together. Love to all. XOXO