Sharp, defined, chiseled are the desired adjectives for a jawline. While many of us fall a bit short of the ideal, even a little improvement to this area can make a huge difference in the overall look of your face. From chin to mandible and masseters, we easily can address what needs to be done for improved facial balance and attractiveness.

A few things to consider:

Do you have more than one chin? How about a weak chin, or are you chin-less? Have you become physically and emotionally exhausted from having to crane your neck awkwardly and continuously making sure the camera remains above eye level for every photo, selfie and Zoom meetings? Has your face become border-less with its aging mandible? Do your massive masseters make you look and feel square?

Double Chin

The plight of having a double chin is a seriously unhappy thing for many. There are several reasons some have this profile and photo-op ruining fat pad: genetics, diet and aging.

Treatments: Kybella & TruSculpt 3D

There are a couple of highly effective treatments to permanently reduce or eliminate a double chin without surgery: Kybella and TruSculpt 3D. We see amazing, sometimes even life-changing results, with these treatments. Eliminating a double chin improves the shape and contour of the jawline. Also, Kybella and TruSculpt 3D offer skin retraction and tightening – loose skin becomes less of a concern than with other methods of fat reduction.

If you think chins have little impact on facial attractiveness, just look here and here. Chin Augmentation with dermal fillers quickly create balance, symmetry and a beautifully chiseled profile. Augmenting weak chins with dermal fillers is something we do well and we do often. The transformative results can be…magical.

Jawline Enhancement

Jawline Enhancement with dermal fillers is one of the most instantly satisfying treatments for men and women. When a picture is worth a thousand words:

Treatment: Botox

Facial Slimming/Masseter Reduction with Botox Have you ever  heard the term “WOW factor?” Facial slimming with a little Botox in the right places gives this WOW factor – WOW! Check this out!

The masseters are muscles located in the jaw area. Like all muscles groups when excessively exercised, they get pumped up! Teeth grinding and clenching (Bruxism) is far more likely the cause than excessive chewing from a bubble gum addiction.

When Botox is injected into the masseters*, not only do your teeth and jaws get a break from all the clenching and grinding, but also, you get a slim, more feminine facial shape. A square face has the potential to become a lovely oval. Several treatments over time can make these overworked muscles atrophy a bit (as in back to their pre-clench + pre-grind days), so your new slender face shape is maintained for longer, maybe forever if the clench and grind habit is cured.

*The effects of Botox lasts longer in the masseters than in other areas of the face.

Sculpting the Neck + Jawline

The transition between the Neck + Jawline ideally is a defined one. Sometimes, neck muscles tug skin downward, blurring the definition of the jawline. Never fear. Enter Botox.

Basically, muscle groups work in tandem. When we isolate a muscle group with Botox, we can lift and separate or drop and pull inward depending on the treated group. Strategically injecting Botox in the neck can lift and pull in the proper muscle groups, enhancing jawline definition.

As you now can hopefully see, there are many treatments to help improve the jawline. Some may need only one of the above suggestions, others may need a combo. Regardless, improvement is a quick and easy thing for us at Skin by Design Dermatology, and consultations always are complimentary.