Dear Aging Skin,

I finally have become wise to your ways. I now understand from where you are coming. Thank you for the lessons…

There was a long period of time I didn’t use sunscreen, but I am using it now, like it’s my job, 365 days a year, rain or shine. I’ve read the studies, seen the ads, been lectured repeatedly by my mom and my dermatologist to wear it. I get it now. My unprotected relationship with the sun is responsible for most of my aging issues (almost 80% of them), and now I must deal with the consequences – the spots and dots, visible veins and broken capillaries. It’s not going to be easy, and it will require commitment on my part, but I’m all in. As my dermatologist says, “It’s never too late to start good habits.”


The following treatments repair damage, as well as rewind and prevent accelerated aging. After clearing the issues I have, I will not forget time marches onward, and to keep my skin clear, smooth and healthy, I will commit to a skin maintenance program of recommended treatments.

Laser Genesis

Excel V


Chemical Peels

SkinPen Microneedling


I must confess, however, the etched lines and facial deflation parts had me feeling kind of desperate. One day, I looked at my reflection and thought, “So, this is how the making of a raisin from a plump juicy grape begins.” To iron out those seemingly permanent creases and re-flate the dearly deflated, the following treatments are a special sort of magic:

Dermal Fillers


Next confession:  I rarely get the 6-8 hours of sleep required to repair and rebuild, but I am trying to change that one. For instance, my laptop and I no longer share a bed – actually, we no longer even share a room. Amazingly, our relationship has improved. As with a loudly snoring partner, computer insomnia is real.

Also, I am making a serious effort to get on a sleep schedule – the whole early to bed, early to rise thing is such a winner move. Sleep heals, rejuvenates, lowers cortisol, stimulates healthy collagen, reduces inflammation, increases hydration, improves skin barrier function…Not surprisingly, this list goes on and on. (I just had the loveliest flashback – remember Goodnight Moon?)

Further, sleep actually shares many of the same benefits as exercise, and both are of vital importance to healthy, youthful skin. Firm body and glowing skin is a total win/win situation.

Finally, I have changed my relationship with food, and Holy Mackerel! has my skin changed! It looks more radiant, feels more supple and softer and heals faster than ever. Looking good and feeling good is a powerful thing!


For anyone at a loss on where to begin, we offer complimentary consultations. Call to schedule yours – (210) 224-1034.