Why so many sessions?

These patient’s words cannot be denied:
The satisfaction of being perpetually well-groomed should not be underestimated.

But why so many sessions?! A few reasons:
1) Genetics – Some of us simply are hairier. We have fast growing, dense hair. I personally have my father’s Italian side of the family to thank for my excessive hair in-all-the-wrong-places issue.

2) Growth Cycles – Each hair is on its own journey through the cycles. In other words, hairs in an area are not in the same phase or growth cycle at the same time (btw, there are 3 cycles of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen).

Laser hair removal only is effective on actively growing hair (aka the Anagen phase). Additional treatments are needed as they reach the active growth phase.

3) Other factors impacting the number of required treatments and treatment success for laser hair removal include hormones (Hello Middle Age and Menopause!), other medical conditions hormonally triggered, body areas, and personal rate of hair growth.

Because it is impossible to determine how many sessions will be required to achieve the level of desired “hairlessness,” we do not offer laser hair removal packages – they are pointless.

If, however, more than 4 sessions are required, there is no charge for the 5th, and any additional treatments are 1/2 off.