It’s almost as if crepey skin is screaming, “HELP ME!” Crepey skin, like crepe paper, appears flimsy, finely wrinkled, dehydrated and, basically, old. Crepey skin is first noticeable in thin skinned areas such as around eyes, upper arms, hands and neck. Without intervention and without warning, crepey skin can blanket the chest, upper legs, knees, lower arms and elbows.

Why crepey skin happens:

1. SUN DAMAGE. Shocking, I know. UV rays break down collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin give skin its bounce, its snap, its vitality and smoothness. When these two important proteins are destroyed, skin loosens and wrinkles.

2. Aging and Hormones. As we age and our hormones change, we produce less oil, natural production of elastin and collagen slows to a near full stop, and our lipid barrier diminishes. The lipid barrier protects skin and seals in moisture. With a depleted protective barrier, skin becomes susceptible to a whole host of inflammatory skin issues and accelerated aging issues.

3. Pollution, Smoking, Poor Diet. Besides negatively affecting all internal organ systems, oxidative stress caused by the aforementioned takes a serious toll on skin appearance and functionality. Oxidative stress triggers a cascade of complex biological processes in the skin that leads to premature aging, sun damage, lentigines, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer and acne.

4. General Dehydration. Dryness for any reason can cause crepey skin. Stay hydrated, internally and externally.

Read Dry Skin vs. Dehydrated Complexion

5. Quick weight loss. Skin’s response to rapid weight loss is much like a balloon that has been over-inflated for a sustained period of time, then quickly deflated. Just like this balloon, skin is loose and crepey.

Prevention is best:

1. Sun protection. Sunscreen should be worn 365 days a year, rain or shine. If sunscreen is in your lotion or makeup, consider it “bonus” sunscreen. Always use a separate sunscreen. Read all about UV blocking ingredients here.

Protect your eyes with the best accessory ever: sunglasses!

Protect your neck and chest with the second best accessory ever: scarves!

Wear UV protective clothing when outside for extended periods. There are so many super cool and stylish options for almost all activities, including driving gloves and sleeves!

Protect faces and ears with hats.

There also are UV protective umbrellas and parasols for soccer moms and dads, and fans of outdoor sports of all kinds.

2. You should really be using a retinoid. Retinoids unglue dead skin cells from healthy new skin, removing the barrier that prevents moisturizers and other beneficial topicals from absorbing. Retinoids also keep the dermis thick, strong and bouncy which keeps the epidermal layer smooth and taut. Read more about the many reasons retinoids are such a big deal.

Use products with other chemical exfoliants, such as AHA and BHA, to keep skin free of dead cell buildup. Great OTC body products: AmLactin, CeraVe SA Lotion or Cream.

Have regular chemical peels, SkinPen microneedling, facials, laser treatments to trigger collagen and elastin production. All keep skin strong, luminous and healthy.

Check out the DiamondGlow.

Annual medical checkups are important. Skin checkups and general health checkups are important to nip any health issues in the bud.

3. Embrace antioxidants. They are your personal body-guards. 

Antioxidants prevent cell corrosion. Antioxidants protect cells from assaults that come at every turn: UV radiation, blue light from phones and computers, environmental pollutants, preservatives, most food packaging, less than the most desirable and disciplined habits, and general decline with age. By the way, once cells are destroyed, they are like Humpty Dumpty – never to be put back together again.

Eat foods high in antioxidants.

Don’t skimp on topical antioxidants; they are not created equal.

Our faves: Skinbetter ALTO, Epionce Intense Defense Serum, Vivier CE Peptides

4. Moisturize. Even oily skin needs hydration, especially when using topical or oral medications that target acne and reduce sebum.

Moisturize to keep your lipid barrier strong and high functioning.

Moisturize to nourish your skin from the outside.

Moisturize to keep your skin supple and glowing.

Check out Epionce Renewals and Body Lotion.

“Once you try medical grade products like Epionce, you just can’t imagine going back to anything else.”

Drink more water. Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating.

5. Maintain a healthy weight. Stretching and contracting skin takes its toll just as it does to a rubber band or balloon.

It is possible to revive crepey skin:

1. Be consistent and compliant with everything in the prevention list above.

2. Chemical Peels for Face and Body offer a quick reveal to healthy skin buried underneath the blanket of dead cells. Read why chemical peels may be the key to perfect skin.

3. Secret RF goes deeper than pretty much any other laser to stimulate collagen and elastin and heats the dermal layers to tighten, clear and smooth the surface.

Alternate Secret RF with Pixel Laser Resurfacing to revive every skin layer.

SkinPen with TCA is also a brilliant combo for skin smoothing and tissue tightening.

4. Dermal Fillers. Instantly plump and smooth crepey skin by refilling it with the lost volume and hyaluronic acid it craves.

Hyaluronic acid has a unique capacity to retain multiple times its weight in water, and can be used in face, hands, chest, upper arms, thighs and other crepey skinned places.

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