For someone who has had a front row seat in the beauty industry and cosmetic dermatology for decades now, there still are terms new to me that apparently have been circulating for a while – even though we may have been exercising them for even longer. Tweakments is the word of the day.

Tweakment is a welcomed Goodbye! to the obvious enhancements, to the over-filled, overly tight, puffy, round, yet strangely flat faces of the past. It heralds the redefinition of beauty ideals and goals: natural, refreshed and great for our age. YAY!

Tweakments are a delicious menu of “mini” non-invasive procedures (still medical) that subtly refine features and improve over-all appearance with little to no downtime. Tweakments are wonderfully discreet appearance upgrades that, when started earlier than later, put the aging process in slow motion.

Top Tweakments

1. Micro-filler tweakments: a sprinkling of dermal fillers in all the right places for subtle, confidence and compliments boosting enhancement. Everyone notices you look great, but no one can pin-point why.

P.S. Did you know a little HA filler in the earlobes help your earrings face up and forward just as they did when you first got them pierced? or, only if needed of course, a little filler in your chin can improve facial proportion, profile, and jawline faster than almost anything else can? or that there are vectors in the hairline and lateral areas of the face that, when injected, can mimic a subtle facelift? Oh, there are so many lovely, little sweet spots…

2. Botox: not only for the usual miracles of upper face line smoothing and brow lifting, but also for facial slimming, neck smoothing, pore shrinking, nose-tip and outer edge lip lifting, gummy smile transforming, upper lip lines, dimpled chin, chest wrinkle relaxing tweakments. Want glass skin or close? Botox is part of that formula every time.

3. Microneedling with TCA for serious tissue tightening; microneedling with diluted Sculptra for pore and shallow scar smoothing; microneedling with a multitude of other topicals such as hyaluronic acid for radiance boosting, hydroquinone or tranexamic acid for spotless skin. By the way, we use only the best medical device, SkinPen.

4. Secret RF – microneedling with radiofrequency – delivering controlled RF energy to targeted depths for impressive skin tightening, line, scar and stretch mark smoothing tweakments. The degree and depths of this kind of energy induces collagen production at mach rates, heating deeper than any laser resurfacing treatment possibly can. Better still, downtime is negligible (if there is any); results are measurable; suitable for all skin types.

Patients L-O-V-E Secret RF.

5. The Hybrid Facial for those times your skin needs to look especially fabulous. Three device driven treatments and two hours to WOW! Treating virtually every layer of skin, The Hybrid redefines the “facial.” Instant luminosity with long-term benefits is no exaggeration.

6. Clear it, smooth it, shrink it with a series of Laser Genesis tweatments. Laser Genesis helps shrink pores, brighten and smooth skin, and destroy acne causing bacteria in the deep layers. Laser Genesis may be scheduled every two weeks.

7. For pesky broken capillaries (face, neck, chest, legs, anywhere), rosacea flares and skin flushing, mottled skin (aka skin littered with dark spots from sun damage; melasma is excluded), IPL and Excel V are superhero tweakments for your issues.

IPL is an appropriate tweakment for lighter skin types only. A little downtime may be expected.

8. truSculpt 3D fat reduction and body contouring tweakments to reduce fat pads by 24% – 30% with each session. Reduce double chins, bat wings, muffin tops, bra fat, pit pooch, saddlebags, etc. etc. etc. Also, great tweatments to better show off your hard work at the gym!

No downtime. End results take about 12 weeks. 12 weeks is just about the length of time it takes for our bodies to naturally expel destroyed fat cells through our lymphatic systems.

The perks are obvious, but let me say, the satisfaction of slipping on jeans without having flanks billow over the sides like a souffle, and no longer having pit pooches poking out of the arm holes of my tank top, is a fine feeling indeed. Also, RF energy = bonus skin tightening!