Author: Brenda Hughes

Rx for Jowls

Jowls of all different degrees happen as we age, regardless of the efforts we make to halt the process. Besides time and aging, genetics and body shape are factors we can’t control. Other factors to blame for this sagging at the jawline include a long history of fluctuating weight, a few bad habits and the loss of elasticity.

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PRX-T33 Intense Skin Revival

PRX-T33 is a revolutionary treatment for intense skin revival. Each treatment visibly and tactilely lifts, tightens, clears, smooths and brightens skin, painlessly and without downtime.

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Dry, cracked lips

Our delicate skinned, constantly moving mouths and colder, drier weather provide the perfect storm for lip issues. Add lip licking, saliva buildup and masks, the situation avalanches.

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What’s the big deal with Retinoids?

The most ardent fans of retinoids are not only dermatologists, but also everyone who uses them properly and consistently. So, what makes retinoids such a big deal? Why are they the most prescribed anti-aging, anti-acne medications on the planet?

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Fall Favorites

Cooler weather, covered skin and less time in the sun make Fall a perfect time to schedule lasers and chemical peels. Fall is also a great time to switch up a few skincare products.

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Marionette Lines

Marionettes are a result of the general facial aging process: volume loss and loss of structural support from shrinking facial fat pads, bone and mineral loss (particularly the bony resorption of the mandible), decrease in collagen and elastin production and hormonal changes that thin and weaken skin. Movement, genetics and bad habits also contribute to development and severity of marionettes.

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Dark pits + other areas

Dark pits got you down? Well, there are several reasons why hyperpigmentation happens in areas that fold: armpits (axilla), elbow pits (cubital fossa), groin (inguinal region), knee pits (popliteal fossa). There also are treatments and products to help lighten and prevent the recurrence of ashy, darkened areas.

Age spots

Age spots are also called liver spots, solar lentigines, sunspots, and they can appear peppered across any part of the body that has sustained unprotected sun exposure over the years. The face, hands, arms, chest, back and legs are the most commonly affected areas.

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Dermal Fillers Menu

The menu of dermal fillers offers options to achieve our filler goals: the most natural looking outcomes. There are different fillers for different jobs: thin ones for fine lines and hydration, soft ones for lips, mobile ones for high movement areas, thick ones for heavy lifting and sculpting, bio-stimulating ones for general volumization and smoothing, semi-permanent ones for scars, structure and firmness. Choices are as necessary as skill for the best outcomes.

Acne Scars

As if persistent breakouts weren’t tortuous enough, acne scars run far deeper for many of us than what is visible, both physically and emotionally.

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